Can I Open Multiple Accounts At a Single Bingo Site

Numerous players have created multiple accounts within a single website, with more than half getting into trouble (usually having all accounts suspended). Certain players have done so unintentionally, while others purposefully made more than one account.

Multiple Accounts Are Generally Not Allowed

It is generally not allowed to open multiple accounts at a single online bingo site. Most bingo sites have policies to prevent players from creating multiple accounts to gain an unfair advantage or manipulate the game somehow.

If a bingo site detects that a player has multiple accounts, they may close the additional accounts and take steps to prevent them from participating in future games. It is essential to follow the terms and conditions of an online bingo site, including any rules related to creating and using accounts, to ensure that you play on a fair and legitimate platform.

So we understand that online bingo operators frown at players with more than one account on their websites. One of their platform’s security measures is to find accounts that belong to one person, which is done by finding accounts using the same IP address.

How Do Bingo Sites Detect Players With Multiple Accounts

There are several ways that online bingo sites can detect multiple accounts for the same player:

  1. IP address tracking: One way that bingo sites can detect multiple accounts is by tracking the IP addresses of players. If a player logs in from multiple IP addresses, this could be a sign that they are using multiple accounts. It could also be two different people in the same household.
  2. Device tracking: Bingo sites may also use device tracking to detect multiple accounts. If a player logs in from multiple devices, this could be a sign that they are using multiple accounts, and the site can fingerprint each device through various technical means.
  3. Personal identifying details: If the same address or phone number appears on multiple accounts, a red flag may be raised automatically to trigger a further review.
  4. Manual review: Bingo sites may also manually review player accounts and activity to identify any suspicious behavior, including using multiple accounts.

Overall, bingo sites use a combination of different methods to detect and prevent players from using multiple accounts. It is important to follow the terms and conditions of an online bingo site, including any rules related to creating and using accounts, to ensure that you play on a fair and legitimate platform.

Bonus Abuse Using Multiple Accounts

Bonus or promotions abuse is the main reason operators actively limit or ban multiple accounts. Online bingo bonuses are free money that encourages visitors to sign up and spend their money on tickets. Players need to wager these credits through bingo games several times to prevent anyone from just walking away with bonuses.

Players can claim numerous welcome bonuses and other promotions by creating multiple accounts. They can also increase their chance of taking home the free credits by getting more than one shot at clearing the wagering requirements.

There are other reasons why players have multiple bingo accounts such as having other household members visiting the bingo site. Another reason is that players forget their old account credentials and create another one.

Risks of Using VPNs to Create Multiple Accounts

Players within strict jurisdictions require a VPN to access online bingo sites. A virtual private network (VPN) hides your IP address and makes it appear as if you are connecting from a different country. This service allows a player to bypass any geolocation restrictions within their country. VPNs allow players to access online bingo sites that cater to specific jurisdictions such as Malta or Isle of Man residences.

For those who plan on using VPNs to hide their accounts and attempt to game the bonuses, bingo platform developers have already considered this approach. These platforms can red flag players using VPNs due to their unique addresses.

How to Avoid Getting Banned With Multiple Bingo Accounts

If you are not planning on abusing the bonuses and are afraid you might be banned for having multiple accounts, here are ways to avoid an operator’s ire.

Contact Customer Support

If you require a VPN to play on a specific online bingo site, it pays to ask customer support if they allow the service on their platform. This can help you avoid headaches when an operator limits or suspends your account due to VPNs.

Contacting customer support is also recommended if family members or roommates visit the same website. You can ensure that the bingo site allows two or three accounts from the same IP address, removing any worries that you and other people using the same network will get in trouble.

Play in Different Bingo Sites

It makes sense for other household members interested in the game to sign up for other bingo platforms. There are little to no differences between various online bingo sites regarding the standard variant of 75-ball to 90-ball bingo. Some bingo sites use the same online gaming platform, which offers the same type of bingo variants and casino games if available.

Use Alternative Payment Accounts

Another critical factor in finding players with multiple accounts is their payment option. If several accounts use the same credit card or bank account, chances are high that these are from the same individual. It pays to use a separate credit card or a different payment option altogether between you and other people using the same network.

Have Multiple People on One Account

If the operator is strict with their one-account policy and other people within your household want to play on one bingo site, the best option is to have multiple people use one account. This is not an easy option, as there is likely to be a conflict in bankroll ownership. However, this is the safest option for more than one person to enjoy the same bingo site.

Creating multiple bingo accounts can get players into trouble since this can lead to bonus abuse. Anyone who has other household members playing on the same bingo site can avoid having their account limited or banned by contacting customer service or finding other alternative sites.

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