is online bingo rigged

Are Online Bingo Sites Fixed

Some unscrupulous bingo site operators try to find ways of making bingo less fair, but playing on licensed UK bingo sites ensures fair games.

Tombola vs Bingo

Is Tombola The Same As Bingo

Tombola and Bingo are often confused with each other. However, although both the games involve marking numbers on tickets or playing cards, the gameplay and overall aesthetics are somewhat different. Hence, tombola and …

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Bingo vs Slots

Bingo vs Slots

Bingo and slots have their unique gameplay and features. Casino patrons tend to question whether bingo or slots are worth their time and money based on the payouts, pace of the game, and …

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largest bingo wins

10 Biggest Online Bingo Winners

With the rise in popularity of virtual bingo sites, the number of online bingo winners hitting jackpots is also increasing. Even after almost 4,000 years, it remains one of the most popular games …

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diagonal bingo pattern

Do Diagonals Count In Bingo

The game bingo is a lot about drawing the right patterns with the numbers called out in order to maximize the chances of winning. But the question as to whether one can go …

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Processing Time for Bingo Winnings Withdrawals

How Long Do Bingo Winnings Withdrawals Take

There is anxiety when it comes to withdrawing your online bingo winnings due to the long wait. Players worry that their winnings will take weeks or months to complete or have their transaction …

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what do you shout in bingo for a line

What Do You Shout In Bingo

Bingo instructions are different for every game type, including how and what you should shout every time you win a game. And although that winning moment is the most exciting part of playing …

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