Do Bingo Sites Use Bots

Some online bingo sites may use bots, or automated computer programs, to play games on their own site. However, it is not necessarily shared or widespread practice, and it would depend on the specific site and whether they are rigging games on their platform.

Why would a bingo site use bots?

There are a few reasons why an online bingo site might use bots.

To generate more activity

One possibility is that the site may use bots to play games to generate more activity and revenue. However, using bots in this way could be perceived as unfair to human players and could damage the site’s reputation. It is important to note that using bots in online bingo games may also be illegal in some jurisdictions.

The real advantage here is that no gambler like to feel alone during a live bingo game. A site would be able to put bots in each game room to fight the “graveyard effect.” This may be the case in some newer bingo sites struggling with having too few players at any given time of the day.

To keep more prize money

Many online bingo sites use random number generators to determine the outcome of games. And if the operator is fair, players compete against each other in real time. The only advantage a site would have in using bots is to get the said bots to win as many prizes as possible, so that this money can get back into the operator’s pocket, as opposed to a player’s balance.

For example, imagine across an entire day, there are 500 real human winners with zero bots and 10,000 real human players. A dodgy operator could simply add 10,000 bots, therefore splitting the number of winners from 500 real human winners to only 250, as the other 250 winners would be their own bots. Now, only half the prize money they would have paid out is actually leaving their reserves. The other half is in bot accounts, which go back to the operator’s cash reserves afterward.

To test features and performance

Another reason why a bingo site might use bots is for testing or development purposes. For example, the site may use bots to simulate real players to test the platform’s performance or develop new features.

In this case, the bots would ideally not be playing for real money and would not be competing with human players. However, if the site wants to test its real production systems and gameplay, it would need the bots to play with real money just like a human player would.

The primary metrics an online bingo site would monitor through bots include page loading speed, game response time, visual accuracy, time to first byte, and many other UI/UX flows such as signup, signing, deposits, and withdrawals.

How to spot a bot in an online bingo game?

It can be challenging to spot a bot in an online bingo game, as bots are designed to mimic the behavior of human players. However, there are a few signs that you may be able to look for that could indicate the presence of a bot:

  1. Unusual or suspicious activity: If you notice that a player is consistently winning or has an unusually high number of wins, this could be a sign that they are using a bot.
  2. Lack of interaction: Bots cannot interact with other players in the same way humans can, so if you notice a player who is not participating in chat or other social aspects of the game, this could be a sign that they are using a bot.
  3. Odd or repetitive patterns: If you notice that a player is consistently playing in a specific pattern or using the same strategies repeatedly, this could be a sign that they are using a bot.

It is important to note that the presence of any of these signs does not necessarily mean that a player or operator is using a bot. It is always best to research and carefully choose a reputable and trustworthy online bingo site to ensure that you play on a fair and legitimate platform. Players using bots may be banned indefinitely by sites.

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