Can Bingo Sites Ban You Because You’re Winning Too Much

Winning in bingo can be very exciting especially when you are playing in a casino or bingo site. If luck is by your side, you might be on a winning streak, hitting jackpots one after the other. But, if you are consistently making money out of the game, your chances of getting banned from bingo sites altogether is a question worth discussing.

Let’s find out in detail whether UK bingo sites can close your account because you are winning too much.

Getting Banned from Winning in Bingo

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To begin with, the good news is that casinos cannot just ban you because you are probably winning too much. In absolutely normal circumstances, casinos understand that the player is lucky enough to be on a winning streak and that is not something they can penalize him for. So, if you are winning, following the standard rules and regulations, and without using any unfair means or cheating, you can never be banned from a casino.

In fact, big winners are kind of advertisements for both land-based and online casinos. The casino will attract more players giving the example of how certain players ended up getting huge payouts from playing bingo in that particular casino or bingo site. If the casino bans a particular player only because he is playing a fair game and winning a lot, there is a huge risk for the casino to be blacklisted among review sites and this is a risk casinos don’t prefer to take.

Risks of Account Termination from Winning in Bingo

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While casinos cannot ban you for winning too much, they can, at times, ban your account. Actually, when a player wins a lot in consecutive games, casinos look at it in different ways. On the one hand, they consider the player to be lucky and skillful and on the other hand, they try to find out if the player is cheating by some means. And when there is evidence that suggests that the player might not be playing a fair game, the casino flags his account and gets it examined by the moderators.

That being said, any licensed bingo site will need to prove the misbehavior or criminal activity of the player to be able to ban his account from the site. As the bingo sites operate to make money, they will be cautious about the consistently profitable players so, taking a few steps to ensure that large payouts are not given to players who are cheating is but natural.

Reasons to Get Banned from Online Bingo Sites

There are a few other reasons behind players getting banned from casino sites such as these:

Using Multiple Accounts

One of the most common reasons behind the casino ban is the opening of multiple accounts by some players. Online casinos usually have a ‘one account one person’ rule and they can track down people having duplicate accounts through the IP addresses. If the player uses a different username or account details, there is a chance of the casino locking his bankroll too. Sometimes, players end up creating duplicate accounts by accident, which is mostly when they forgot the details and decide to create another.

Not Submitting the Right KYC Documents

Submission of the ‘Know Your Customers’ (KYC) documents on time is an essential step in the process of verification with an online casino. If you have not been able to complete the verification process by submitting the right KYC documents, you have a high chance of being banned from the site altogether. Apart from the KYC documents, the casinos require players to provide valid ID proof in order to verify and secure the account.

Violating Terms and Conditions

Following the terms and conditions put forward by the casino is very crucial. These terms are necessary for the casino to be operating ethically and protecting the interests of the gaming operators as well as the casino players. Violating these general terms and conditions, which encompass the right use of the products and services offered by the establishment along with many other clauses, might lead to scrutinization of the account and ultimately, a casino ban, at times.

Ways to Unblock Your Online Bingo Account

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There might be situations when a player is unable to log in to his account on an online bingo site. Soon after, he might also learn and realize that their bingo account has been blocked. While it is obvious for anyone to panic and feel disappointed at the blocking of the account, there are some things that you should do to unblock the online bingo account. The first step would be to chat with the customer support at the site and know the reason for blocking. If it is a small issue like wrong password input, it will be resolved immediately.

When there is a greater issue, the customer support executives will ask for certain details from the player for the purpose of verification and all these need to be submitted duly and immediately. In case the issue doesn’t resolve yet, players can seek the help of third-party complaint services that act as mediators between the casino and the players. You also have the option of complaining to the gaming commission office through their hotline if you think that might be necessary to unblock the account.

So, getting banned from a casino is not a common phenomenon. However, there are situations in which a bingo player can be restricted from using his account with proper reasons for such an action, proved and cited by the casino.

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