How To Cheat Online Bingo

A lot of players want to know how to cheat at online bingo. Putting aside the question of “is this illegal?” or “will I get in trouble for doing this,” the most intriguing question you should ask is, “can it be done?” In this article, we will cover the ways criminals use to crack the code and cheat online bingo platforms.


Cheating at any real money game, such as online bingo, is illegal, and gambling will prosecute you if you attempt to hack into their systems. Bingo sites will most likely block your account, and ban you for life. This content is, therefore, for entertainment purposes only.

Can You Hack Online Bingo

Cheating on an online bingo site requires access to the platform itself. Unfortunately, every licensed online bingo platform has the latest security measures, which reputable software providers make. Access to the platform is simply impossible because of its security layer and encryption technology. However, criminals can get into the platform by extracting the credentials or login information from the operator or employees.

One of the methods hackers use to get the credentials needed to access an online bingo platform is to take advantage of employees’ mistakes or oversight. This includes typing the most used passwords for their account, which have worked several times among popular companies. A more complex method for guessing an employee’s password is to use social engineering, which involves finding employees’ data or social media accounts. Hackers can better grasp a person’s password by knowing their birthday, place of birth, dog’s name, and much more.

Creating a phishing website to trick employees into entering their credentials is another way to access an online bingo system.  Most readers here are likely to avoid the trick of opening a phishing email. However, all it takes is for just one employee to accidentally or intentionally click on the email.

Another way of hacking an online bingo site is to have someone from the inside give them access. Disgruntled employees or people looking to get rich from their employers can assist criminals in getting what they need, including passwords to the platform. Rogue staff can also install hacking software or hardware onto the system itself.

Once a criminal has access to the system, they will know what software an online bingo site uses. This information helps them know how to hack the bingo game within the website. Access to the system also allows criminals to install homebrew software to manipulate the bingo software.

Cheating Methods For Online Bingo

Hackers have three methods to tweak an online bingo game to get an advantage over other players.

Tamper The RNG System

All online bingo software uses an RNG system to determine what balls come out in each session. Modern online bingo platforms have a complex RNG algorithm to ensure unpredictable results. This algorithm determines the results of each game through seed or critical value, which is generated through real-world factors such as a system clock. A bingo game can achieve nearly authentic random results by incorporating physical factors into the algorithm.

When hackers can access the RNG system of online bingo software, they can manipulate the system in a way that gives them an advantage. Take note that this is an incredibly rare scenario since the hacker needs to make the RNG algorithm looks untampered, making it possible for an operator or administrator to run the bingo software while the game is rigged. This is feasible if the hacker knows someone on the inside to make sure the tampered software is running.

 While the first one is tough to pull off, the alternative is to crack the algorithm by finding the patterns. Remember, modern online bingo software uses a seed to determine the results. Hackers can find out how a seed is generated by knowing what kind of bingo software a website uses, allowing them to predict or know what numbers will come up in the next session.

Criminals do not need to gain access to an online bingo platform when attempting to crack the algorithm. Certain hackers with a background in the iGaming industry can create software to determine how an online bingo game generates its results. This software can tell you what numbers will likely come up in the next game, providing criminals with an unfair advantage over other players.

Free Online Bingo Cards

This method is the equivalent of using a piano wire or yoyo-coin on a mechanical slot to give cheaters a free game. Hackers can give themselves all necessary bingo cards without paying the operator.

There are a few ways for a hacker to get free online bingo cards, such as by manipulating the software. Cheaters can make the bingo game and give them cards or tickets without having anything on their bankroll. Pulling this method usually involves sending malware, virus, or program onto the online bingo platform. Hackers require an inside man to install the program and ensure it runs without alerting security or other administrators.

Gaining access to the online platform is another way to get free online bingo cards where hackers can add as much unpaid credit to their bankroll. This is possible by tricking employees into giving out their credentials via a phishing email. Finding a disgruntled employee and buying their credentials also works for other criminals.

Create a Phoney Bingo App

Criminals do not have to trick online bingo operators into getting rich, they can target paying customers instead. You are likely thinking about why criminals go through the trouble of creating a rogue online bingo site and not a simple phishing website. Credit cards, PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller, have a way of deterring criminals from stealing money since these payment services can take back victims’ money. With consumer protection that prevents criminals from taking a player’s money, phishing websites are barely profitable.

On the other hand, a fake online bingo app or website will keep people giving money to criminals. By the time most players caught wind of the bingo’s unfair gameplay, they had already spent thousands of dollars on the app.

Is There a Trick to Winning Online Bingo

When it comes to your online bingo odds of success, buying as many cards as possible and finding a room with fewer players is recommended. Owning a sizable percentage of cards within a room substantially increases your chance of winning the jackpot prize. Note that a room’s payout is affected by the number of cards purchased for a specific game. If fewer players are in the room, the jackpot will also be lower while your odds of winning are higher.

You can also boost your odds by using Granville’s strategy to use cards with an equal number of odd and even squares. These numbers can be on any square as long as half are even and half are at odds. This strategy gives you a favorable chance of completing patterns on 75-ball or 30-ball bingo games. For 90-ball bingo, where you need to choose 15 numbers, have 7 odds and 8 evens, or 8 odds and 7 evens on your tickets, to increase your online bingo odds.

Attempting to cheat online bingo sites usually requires access to the system, which takes considerable effort and luck, along with the added risk of arrests. On the other hand, buying the maximum number of cards possible and utilizing online bingo strategies increases your chances of winning.

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