Are Online Bingo Sites Fixed

Playing an “unfair” online bingo game is a major concern among players since there are no “human hosts”. Are online bingo sites fixed to a point where specific players or the house themselves are the only ones to make money from the game?

Let us answer that questions by discussing how online bingo works and how it is regulated.

Is Online Bingo Fixed Or Rigged

To answer the question “is online bingo rigged”, we need to talk about how the game works. All digital bingo games use a PRNG algorithm to pick the numbers in each session. It is important to note that PRNG algorithms are different from regular RNG systems in terms of results.

PRNG uses real-life factors to create random results or make it virtually impossible for anyone to predict the numbers in each online bingo session. These factors include the system clock or the LED lights within a system, ensuring fair sessions for all bingo players.

Can You Really Make Money Playing Online Bingo

Is online bingo legit in terms of equal opportunity for all players to make money? As long as the platform has been audited by reliable companies and is licensed, you have an equal chance of getting a large payout for a small stake as every other player.

Take note that a licensed online bingo site for real money does not guarantee a win in each game. Every player’s odds of taking home the prize pool depends on the number of tickets they are holding and the total number of active tickets.

How Is Online Bingo Automated Fairly

Online bingo has two internal factors that influence the results of the game.

Return-To-Player (RTP)

Those who asked “is online bingo rigged” usually look for the game’s RTP, which is the statistical returns you are likely to experience after playing the game for a long period. If you are playing a slot with an RTP of 95% and made $100 worth of bets, you can expect a return of $95.

It is important to note that bingo does not have a generous RTP rate as slots because of the game’s format. 90-ball online bingo has an RTP of 80% due to its three payout chances while 75-ball online bingo has an RTP of around 70% to 85% due to the various payouts.

While the rates are much lower than slots, the RTP is the same for other players within one session. RTP barely shifts when there is a change of player numbers since the payout is tied to the number of tickets sold in one session.

Random Number Generator (RNG)

Traditional RNG algorithms are used for various applications such as digital casino games and bingo. Predictability is a problem with common RNGs where certain individuals can crack the algorithm and accurately guess the outcome of any bingo session.

To provide everyone with an equal chance of winning a bingo session or making it impossible for any players to know which numbers will be active, online bingo games uses the PRNG algorithm. Pseudorandom number generator creates several random results from a “seed’.

Seeds come from real-world objects or factors that a system or program can manipulate. This method is to emulate authentic RNG objects such as dice or coins. Results created by true RNG objects are influenced by environmental factors such as the roughness of the surface or wind velocity within the surrounding area.

How To Find Safe & Legit Online Bingo Sites

Is online bingo random when it uses a PRNG algorithm? This still depends on the operator and the platform they are using. Rogue sites may use an online bingo platform that manipulates the results in their favor. To help you avoid falling prey to criminals, here are three factors to consider when looking for an online bingo site.

Licensed by the UK Gambling Commission

Looking for a licensed seal of the UKGC is the first step in knowing if the online bingo site offers fair games. Legitimate operators are required to register and pay for a license before they can operate within the UK. Applying for a license usually comes down to having all the necessary measures to provide players with a fair game as well as the finances to honor all payouts. Licensed online bingo sites are less likely to cheat the players of their money or personal information.

To verify the license, click on the UKGC logo of an online bingo site. This will take you to the UKGC database of a specific bingo operator within their website.

IT & Security Audits

Third-party audits of an online bingo’s IT and security aspects are a requirement for license holders. Tests such as a network vulnerability scan, technical controls audit, and internal infrastructure audits are conducted on the platform. These audits go through the bingo platform to find any potential exploits or cracks that a hacker can use, making sure you are not playing against a criminal who can take advantage of any gaming sessions.

UKGC licensed online bingo operators to tend to have their platform audited. Another way of knowing if an online bingo has been audited is to look for a gaming auditors seal beneath the webpage such as GLI.

Online Bingo Site Reviews

Several bingo site review websites can answer the question “is online bingo legit” with its writers going through a website as players. Reviewers not only check on the fairness of the games, but they will also look into the way a support staff handles problems that can occur within the site.

Be wary of online bingo reviewers who are affiliates of operators or groups. Affiliates are partnered marketers who earn a portion of an operator’s revenue. This revenue comes from a customer who came from an affiliate’s website.

Affiliate reviewers are highly biased to an operator’s online bingo site and are less likely to point out any flaws on the website. A good way to get a clear view of an online bingo site is to look for negative reviews or feedback among other online gaming review sites. These review sites can tell you what to expect from an online bingo platform such as withdrawal limits or bonus consistencies.

How Do Bingo Sites Make Money

Operators take their revenue from the total ticket sales. An online bingo session’s cash prize also comes from ticket sales. Take note that payment for other expenses will also come from the ticket sales before. Operators need to pay their payment processor each year, staff salary, marketing and affiliate costs, and much more.

Other sources of revenue can come from online casino games. You have the likes of Bingo Mania that offer slots, video poker, and various table games on their platform aside from the usual bingo games.

Can Players Cheat At Online Bingo

There are two conditions for a player to have an advantage over everyone in an online bingo session: access to the system itself and avoiding detection by the website’s security. The odds of these conditions are less likely due to the modern security placed among online bingo platforms. Cheating online bingo sites is near impossible today.

Is online bingo rigged? It is not if comes from a licensed operator and is utilizing an online bingo software with a PRNG algorithm. To know if an online bingo site offers a fair game, check the license and auditor’s seal on the website. If you are going through review sites, be wary of affiliates and only check non-biased reviewers.

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