Do Diagonals Count In Bingo

The game bingo is a lot about drawing the right patterns with the numbers called out in order to maximize the chances of winning. But the question as to whether one can go diagonal in bingo confuses many. Let’s understand this in detail.

Do Diagonal Lines Count In Bingo?

Diagonal bingo lines do not count in British or UK bingo that is played with 90-ball. In fact, in this type, the bingo cards are shaped in a manner that drawing diagonal patterns is not even possible. In the 75-ball American bingo, on the other hand, diagonal patterns can both be drawn as well as considered for winning.

Diagonal in British Bingo

The British bingo is a 90-ball bingo, which means that numbers 1-90 are used. Now, the bingo cards that the players hold comprise 3 rows and 9 columns, containing up to 15 numbers in 27 spaces. So, there are basically just three ways to win and these are completing one line, completing two lines and covering full house. As the bingo tickets are sold in strips of six, players have as many as six chances to win in each game. Diagonal patterns cannot be drawn and are not counted either.

Diagonal in American Bingo

In the US, the 75-ball bingo is played and the cards have 5 rows and 5 columns. There are two types of cards that players can get hold of. One is completely filled with 25 numbers and the other type has the centre square left blank. This brings forth possibilities for winning patterns apart from the simple lines or the full house. These patterns can not only be just diagonals but columns, circles or more specific patterns such as a bow-tie or the letter P. Chances of a win are higher in US bingo for this reason.

Other Winning Patterns in Bingo

In the UK 90-ball bingo, each ticket has 15 numbers. These are arranged in a 9*3 grid. The first column has 1-9, the second one has 10-19 and this goes on till 80-90 appears in the fifth and the final column. The numbers 1-90 are called randomly and here are some of the most common winning patterns in bingo:

Horizontal Line

When players are able to mark off all the numbers in a horizontal line on the bingo card, it is considered a 1 line win.

Vertical Line

All the numbers appearing on a vertical line on the bingo card can be marked off too and this is a 1 line vertical win for the player.

Two Lines

A 2 line win is when players cover two horizontal lines. What you should remember in this respect is that these 2 lines should be on the same ticket. They can also be on a ticket where 1 line has already been marked off. However, for a 2 line win, 1 line on one ticket and other line on another ticket is definitely not qualified.

Four Corners

The four corner pattern is also a common winning pattern, permitted in UK bingo. The bingo cards take the shape of a square grid so, once the numbers in each of the four corners are marked off, the player wins. This pattern offers higher rates of success as players need to mark off just four numbers. It is, therefore, quite a popular pattern too.

Coverall & Full House

A coverall or full house win is when players are able to mark off all the numbers on the ticket. Of course, bingo players aim for a full house win, which rewards them with the jackpot or other grand prizes.

So, although diagonals do not count in UK bingo, players have several other opportunities to win and even hit the jackpot.

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